VBA Protect project

The VBA Protect project is an effort to protect the intellectual property of VBA source codes. Current methods of protecting VBA source codes are either very weak and can be easily hacked or very complex, costly and time consuming.

Due to the growing need to protect VBA files, we decided to provide the first online Macro VBA file protection website with the help and advice of experts in this field. This is one of our separate projects and has been done under the advice and license of BehinTeck company. You can use our VBA Protection service on www.protectvba.com.


Why you may need our new VBA Protection service!?

– To enhance source code security, because passwords are absolutely not enough since there are many ways to crack VBA source codes.

– To protect the cost and time you’ve spent writing your VBA code.

– To obfuscate your source code completely.

– To protect the source code and its intellectual property against hackers and competitors.

– To protect hidden algorithms in source code.

– To improve the security of publishing and sharing files.

– To use new innovative ways to protect your VBA projects and increase file security.

– To disable viewing or editing your VBA source code.


Our new VBA Protection services include almost all software that work with Macro VBA, including:

MS Office 97 – 2019 [ Excel, PowerPoint, Word, outlook ,msproject , publish.], Visio, FrontPage, AutoCAD (*.dvb), Inverter (*.ivb), ArcGis (*.mxd), SolidWorks (*.swp), Catia (*.catvba), Microstation (*.mvba), Corel WordPerfect, CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT (*.gms), etc.


Check it out here right now!